dedicated to innovation and co-operation for real time drilling excellence

R-CADE has been created to provide a complete RTDD package (Real Time Drilling Data). From sensor to the decision, we provide all the component parts in between. R-CADE is not merely a technology offering but in fact encompasses the people, process and technology needed to ensure that the real value is realised during Drilling Operations.

5 reasons to use R-CADE

Digi Rig
  • 1 Communications and hosting
  • Networks hosting and infrastructure
  • Rig moves and telecom contracts
  • Welfare and emergency communications
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  • 2 Visualisation and monitoring
  • Monitoring and alarming
  • Data feeds, aggregation and mapping
  • Security for people, systems and data
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  • 3 Colaboration tools
  • Workflow optimisation
  • Task orchestration
  • Asset to rig collaboration
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  • 4 Performance solutions
  • Well planning and real time decision support
  • Drill well in simulator and team training
  • Post analysis, learning and analytics
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  • 5 Integration, transformation and change
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  • industry expertsIndustry experts
  • process excellenceProcess excellence
  • proven technologyProven technology

R-CADE is a new and innovative approach to address the challenges faced by companies in realising the full value from real time data streams. Considerable expertise gained by working with operators and service companies highlighted areas where improvements could be made.

R-CADE addresses these challenges and delivers an integrated solution to help companies maximise the value of real time data. R-CADE will work alongside existing systems and applications and combines best in class industry solutions into a single partnership. We will work with you to understand your requirements before making tailored recommendations.


Email: info@r-cade.co

Tel: +44 (0) 7747 630218